Wallet dApp


Strike is designed for ease of use, and most Strike users can enjoy this convenience by using the Strike web app in conjunction with the Strike security mobile app.
The wallet is also designed for use without the web app and security mobile app, in order to address any concerns of censorship or business continuity, or simply to accommodate the preferences of users that wish to sign transactions using an EOA, in lieu of or in supplement to the Strike security mobile app.
This section describes how the wallet supports signing with an EOA as a form of access that is independent of Strike.


The Strike wallet program is itself a dApp and users may access it with EOAs in the same way they might access dApps for trading or other purposes. When accessing Strike as a dApp a user may:
  • view balances
  • initiate multisig ops (for example transfers or configuration changes)
  • view and approve outstanding multisig ops
The Strike wallet program also allows users to specify an alternative signing key to the key stored in the Strike security mobile app, with either key available for the signing of a multisig op. The use of an EOA as a supplement to the Strike security mobile app may increase the resilience of the wallet, irrespective of user preferences for EOA signing as their principal usage.


All wallet users that are designated as configuration policy approvers may submit a public EOA key as an alternative signing key. This configuration change request is a multisig op that must be approved by a threshold of configuration approvers in order to be implemented.
This consists of the following steps:
  • Users create separate externally owned account (EOA) for each of the Strike users that are config approvers
  • Users initiate Strike configuration changes that specify each of the public EOA keys as alternate signing keys for each of the users.
  • Configuration approvers approve the configuration changes that enable the public EOA keys as alternative signing keys for each of the users.
  • Once the approvals are complete, transactions may be initiated by the configuration approvers using the dApp interface in lieu of the Strike web app, and transactions may be signed by the configuration approvers using their EOA instead of the Strike security mobile app.