Strike is a multisig crypto wallet providing trustless and decentralized institutional-grade access to DeFi on the Solana blockchain.
The principal means by which users interact with Strike is via:
  • A web application for the user initiation of all wallet operations including transfers, exchanges, dApp access, staking, and security configurations, among others.
  • A mobile security application for the user approval of all operations. The mobile security app supports a threshold signature scheme that allows approvals ranging from a single required approval to up to ten approvers.
Strike also offers an alternative method of initiation/approval utilizing the Strike Wallet dApp in conjunction with Externally Owned Account (“EOA”) wallets such as Phantom.
Whichever method is employed, users achieve complete control and sovereignty over their assets when using Strike and do not require trust in third parties.
This documentation, in conjunction with Strike Protocols GitHub, is intended for developers who are building or integrating applications with Strike, or anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of the design and implementation of Strike.
Last modified 1yr ago